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Things that are not planets

Arcade tokens

In my intro sem., we keep asking if “college is really necessary”

and I’m like, “bitch, if it isn’t, why am I paying you”

o hai

Tesla Nathan Watts is an idiot.


Happy World Cat Day from bae & me!

Tried to make a shannified gal today, so…meet Mabel Quaile :)

I was just accepted into Uni and informed that I’ll be receiving a full scholarship for all four years.


My jimmies are intact once again. 

Happy Caturday, guys!



Reblog because you know what day it is ;)

"I’d rather die…than get in your f**king ball pit…how ‘bout that?"

-Nathan Explosion (…probably)

EDIT: skwistok can we make this happen?

(Seriously, though- I am so sorry for all of the people who had a miserable time and I sincerely hope that you all get your money back)

My dash did a thing.

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Remember to get your friendly neighborhood alien a little something special for UFO day. 



You look like you could use a tapir on your dash.