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I was just accepted into Uni and informed that I’ll be receiving a full scholarship for all four years.


My jimmies are intact once again. 

Happy Caturday, guys!



Reblog because you know what day it is ;)

"I’d rather die…than get in your f**king ball pit…how ‘bout that?"

-Nathan Explosion (…probably)

EDIT: skwistok can we make this happen?

(Seriously, though- I am so sorry for all of the people who had a miserable time and I sincerely hope that you all get your money back)

My dash did a thing.

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Remember to get your friendly neighborhood alien a little something special for UFO day. 



You look like you could use a tapir on your dash.

My genuine place of employment (from top left: Kip, Rose, Kia, Alice, Willow, Tiger <3)

Colossal Con 2014 was everything I hoped for and then some. Trindle is my One True Cosplay forever/So many Nathans/Two Dr. Rocksos/Free Water. Yes.

Seriously though, lemme tell you about skwistok. Her cosplay was my favorite thing, hands down. She is the best. I would have gone to this convention just to meet her. (Thank you so, so much for spending time with me and putting up with me being your crazy fangirl. You ams a real cool cats.)

Heavy Metal Mothers’ Day with Donovan and…uh, Mom-avan? I guess?

Apparently, Donovan decided to become a camp counselor when I wasn’t looking. 

"Okay, everybody! Gather ‘round the campfire while I attempt to summon a demon from its ashes."

Today is my birthday; therefore, today is metal. 

ALSO: A very happy birthday to deggdegg, who was kind enough to share today with me, even though she came first and is infinitely more amazing than I :3

"In the things and the way they could have been

when the thoughts, they race across your chin

here in the neverend”

I made teenage Donovan and he was cuter than I expected…

Edit: …AND I wanted to thank goguma-yang for my new favorite hairstyle and m1ssduo for my new favorite jacket <3

Once again, Toki and I bid you a glorious caturday!

True or False: I took 57 shots of Donovan today…